Matthew Tomkinson is a writer, sound designer, and doctoral student in Theatre Studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. His sound work has been presented at festivals including PuSh, Dancing on the Edge, Dance in Vancouver, New Works, and Vines.

Matthew’s music explores a wide range of sonic paradigms including acoustic ecology, deep listening, musique concrète, noise, ambient, and techno. His current practice involves composing music for theatre and dance including Company 605 and Kinesis Dance somatheatro. Together with Andy Zuliani, he presents collaborative sound art under the name Magazinist.

His essays have been published in The Town Crier and Performance Matters, and his chapbook, For a Long Time, is available through Frog Hollow Press. His debut collection of short prose, Archaic Torso of Gumby, co-authored with Geoffrey Morrison, is forthcoming from Gordon Hill Press in May 2020.

As a doctoral student, his research considers contemporary representations of illness and disability in performance, with particular attention to immersive theatre.

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Archaic Torso of Gumby (2020)
For a Long Time (2019)

Conscientious Collaboration (2018)