Happy Anniversary Sweet Elissa

On this momentous day I am overwhelmed with memories and smiles. You are my steady companion. We’re a rope team of mountaineers, joined at the hip as we weather the elements together. We’re one of those figure skating couples who can partner each other so elaborately, even though we have our sharp parts. We’re a pair of synchronized swimmers who know each other’s rhythms and cues so well. I want to extend the metaphor forever, but I know you will be suspicious if the sentiment is too structured. And I love that about you. So I will try to strike a balance with my TOP TENS!


1. The way that you care about caring
2. Your nerdiness, your love of fantasy
3. The true alignment of your thought and action
4. Your bravery, perseverance, and strength
5. The funny impressions and noises you make
6. Your originality and your big personality
7. The wise and balanced outlook on life you have
8. Your genuineness and your imagination
9. How you do everything with a sense of purpose
10. Your stunningly gorgeous looks


1. The time we drank a jug of sangria in Barcelona
2. The time we played in the snow on Kits beach
3. The time we made banana bread French toast
4. The time we went skateboarding and scootering
5. The time we rode our bikes around Pender
6. The time we would share a cigarette or a joint
7. The time we went to the Ukranian hall
8. The time we saw Denis Lavant together
9. The time we walked home late after events
10. The time we watched the hummingbird

     :`.            .--._
      `.`-.        /  ',-""""'
        `. ``~-._.'_."/
          `~-._ .` `~;
               ;.    /
              /     /